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Why Choose Starfire
When purchasing tyres, it is very important to do some research about the tyres. Safety is by far the number one concern when buying car tyres. After putting Starfire Tires and 5 other brands to the test the results from the tests clearly show how Starfire tyres compare.
5 Reasons you shouold buy Starfire Tires
All tyres are engineered as well as tested in America ensuring the tyres meet the stringent American standards.
All Starfire Tires come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.
Most sizes are upgraded to a higher speed rating for more confidence while driving and a greater margin of safety at high speeds.
A tyre that gives you high performance, without sacrificing tyre life and made with the construction and looks to compete against other premium brands, without the premium price.
Higher load ratings mean that in many PLUS size fitments you will not compromise your legal requirement or safety by having a load rating less than your vehicle requirements.
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